How we recruit the right people?

At the heart of Provincial is the people we recruit. The secret of our longevity is our one golden rule - recruit the right people. Like most companies, we like to make sure we hang on to them and to that end, Provincial places huge emphasis on its training programmes.

Our staff are constantly reviewing, up-skilling and keeping abreast of developments in best practise and technology in security.

Training starts on day one with Provincial’s full day induction. It is followed by a two-to-three day client induction, a minimum of one week shadowing on site and another week of monitored training. On some of our bigger sites we have dedicated training managers who give daily assessments in the first two weeks on site.

From there, there is a six month probation period in which we carry out three active reviews. On the rare occasion that we discover issues during those reviews, we go back to the drawing board and retrain the individual to bring them up to speed.

We believe in nurturing talent and if we spot it, we like to help it along and see it blossom.”

Our training modules take account of the fact that every individual learns differently. If you want self-assured staff who do not second guess themselves forget yellow-pack training modules. We tailor our training to the individual so that you get the most confident and skilled individuals looking after your security.

At Provincial we believe in progress and progression. Working closely with our teams means we get to the know them. We believe in nurturing talent and if we spot it, we like to help it along and see it blossom. We reward enthusiasm and embrace those who want to move forward within our organisation. Whether its computer courses, contract management or management training courses, we provide our staff with the means to get them to where they want to go. A happy security team is a strong security team and for you the client that’s what we want to create.

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