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Moving or setting up premises can be amongst the most exacting of undertakings for any company. Keeping your product or service on the boil while moving infrastructure, staff and procedures to a new HQ or workplace can take its toll.

At Provincial, we’re all about alleviating stress and after almost five decades in the business we know that getting the right security fit out at the very start is key to making the whole building function as a workplace that is fit, safe and comfortable for purpose.

With our business partners, we are with you from the start of your move or new set up. From first consultation working with your engineers, architects and designers to deciding the placement of security hardware systems and software, Provincial will make sure that when you move in, your business and staff are as safe and secure as possible.

“Nothing we install is put in place by chance. We are proud of our attention to detail.”

We will help you decide what levels of controls are needed and take you right through to the installations and the servicing of those installations whether they be monitored alarms, motion sensors or cameras, access control systems, fire alarm systems or remote monitoring control systems.

We think about everything in the design of your building from a security point of view. Nothing we install is put in place by chance. We are proud of our attention to detail.

Being precise about the height and scanning capabilities of turnstiles, the distance of reception from the entrance and to the security barriers or the ease and difficulty of access to all parts of the building are the types of issues that keep our Security Systems Design Team awake at night.

Before you make your move, talk to us.

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