Construction Security

Our security is based on solid foundations

To the untrained eye, every muddy building site must seem the same. Provincial, however, sees small cities; sites that are teeming with activity, full of character and characters.

Location, proximity to major residential areas or major roads, type of perimeter fencing and the size and scale of the project are just a few of the factors that Provincial take into consideration before we sit down to layout our plans for your Construction Security.

Like any good building project, our security is based on solid foundations.

In addition to our well-trained and fully qualified security teams, Provincial provides you, the client, with the strongest and most up-to-date access barriers and fencing available. To that we can add self-powered security cameras to scan the on-site perimeter fences for any suspicious activity both day and night.

Like any good building project our security is based on solid foundations.”

The state-of-the-art technology doesn’t stop there. Fingerprinting scanners as well as alarmed and motion-sensored contractor compounds give our Construction SOC teams pin-drop notifications of any potential trouble so they can have a mobile patrol or security team on the scene within seconds.

We will also provide you with the right reception team and make sure they are fully cognisant of the pressures that are sometimes part and parcel of the busy building site. Our security teams work in tandem with on-site Health and Safety Managers to ensure that everyone on site is aware of their own and other people’s safety.

Provincial has a proud history of working with the construction trade and has, from its earliest days in Kildare, been involved in the smooth development of many of the country’s most iconic buildings. Our security teams, mobile patrols and Construction SOC teams are currently operating twenty-four seven on five major construction sites across the country.

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