Recruitment Journey

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  • Application & Assessment – please send us your up to date CV including all qualifications and experience.
  • Telephone screening to clarify that you meet the job requirements.
  • First Interview with Human Resources – a behavioural interview which is aligned with the competencies expected for the role.
  • Second interview – a site visit with the Site Security Manager which gives you a picture of the day to day job. Our Site Managers look for team and skills fit at this interview.
  • Computer skills test – as technology becomes more of a focus and a tool in security we ensure that all future employees are willing and able to adapt to new technologies as they arise.
  • Pre-employment screening - The nature of the industry means we need to be very thorough. Once we’ve offered someone a job, we start our pre-employment referencing process. If you’ve been successful in getting a position, you’ll be asked to provide your career history, education details and everything you have been doing over the last ten years
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